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DSCMFRT 1.0 Sage Lifting Low Tops

DSCMFRT 1.0 Sage Lifting Low Tops

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The very first of its kind, this is the DSCMFRT 1.0. A sneaker that we have been working on for the past few years. As avid weight lifter and sneaker heads, we have combined what we love about street sneakers with what we need in a weight lifting sneaker to give you the DSCMFRT 1.0. This sneaker features the following features:

- Back of Sole that cups your heel to prevent sliding 

- Flat bottoms for balance 

- Sockliner made of satin to prevent smell 

- High quality leather that forms to your foot the more your wear it

Designed specific with weightlifting in mind as well as streetwear. Seek for discomfort! #NEVERSTAGNANT

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